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Mon - Fri: 8am - 5:30pm Sat: 8am - 12:30pm

MOT Test Station in Church Crookham, near Fleet for Cars, Vans, Motorhome, Minibuses and Motorcycles

All UK Cars, Van and Motorcycles three years old and over require a valid MOT certificate by law, other vehicles such as Minibuses, Taxi's and Ambulances require a test after one year old. An MOT is a standardised annual test, set by the Vehicle Inspectorate, to make sure your vehicle meets all the legal requirements for safe road use.

Please remember to allow yourself at least 14 days before the MOT test is due to book your vehicle in for its MOT to allow for completion of any work that may be required and generally busy periods in the workshop.

APJ (UK) LTD will discuss any work that will be required in order for it to meet the MOT standard with you beforehand . We will also bring to your attention any work on the vehicle that may be required before your next MOT so that you are fully aware of the condition of your vehicle over the coming 12 months.

To view the MOT Testing manuals which every tester has to abide by, please click the link below

MOT Tips

Always check tyres and bulbs before taking your vehicle for a test - you can fail due to a faulty bulb.

Check your windscreen washer bottle has fluid - even if the wipers and spray motor work you can fail if an empty bottle means we cannot test it properly.

Check number plate bulbs are correctly working.

Make sure you have not misplaced your fuel filler cap - missing cap can equal fail.


Replace broken mirrors.


Replace worn wiper blades

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